Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Girlfight (2000)

I've heard of Karyn Kusama before. But it's puzzling why I haven't heard of her as often as I should, Girlfight's luminous helmer and storyteller. A quick glance at her directorial credits at Wikipedia offers hints about this mystery.  Kusama has only directed three feature films since her debut in this film, the biggest of which is Aeon Flux (2005), with a budget of $62 million from Paramount, but only grossed an estimated $52 million worldwide.

On the other hand, Michelle Rodriguez, the girl in the title, has become a box-office name - in fast and furious mode, no doubt - since her promising appearance as Diana Guzman whose passion to be a boxer glows in her scowl, braids, and courage to beat up her own father for making comments about that desire. But then Kusama handles different genres. This interest should work on her favor.

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